Benefit of ingredient



Sugar beets and wheat sprouts.

Is an effective anti-irritant for the skin, calming and soothing sensitive areas. It has been used to effectively help promote wound healing, and because it helps with cell regeneration, it has been used on treatments for skin which has suffered abrasions or burns.


Promotes wound healing


Cell regeneration

Apricot kernel

Seed of a apricot

Moisturizes the Skin: The emollient properties of apricot kernel oil help to exfoliate and moisturize the skin, helping it retain moisture, eliminating patches of dry skin, and relieving inflammatory conditions. Helps to work to neutralize free radicals.

Fruit kernel oil

Gentle exfoliant


Helps retain moisture

Neutralises free radicals

Almond oil

Almond kernels

Almond oil is full of vitamin E. The antioxidant-rich oil is known for its free radical fighting abilities. It’s also anti-inflammatory and boosts immunity. Containing omega-3 fatty acids


Nut oil


Free radical fighting abilities


Carrot seed

Seed of carrot

Beta carotene, vitamins A and E and pro-vitamin A. Carrot Seed Oil helps to heal dry, chapped and cracked skin, balances the moisture in skin. It may even help to reduce wrinkles.

Essential oil

Wound healing

Balances skin



Cetearyl Wheat Straw-

Sugars derived from wheat straw with oils and water

An emulsifier


Cetearyl Alcohol-

Derived naturally from coconut oil. 


Used to help soften the skin and to thicken and stabilize products. As an emollient, cetearyl alcohol is considered an effective ingredient for soothing and healing dry skin.



Cucumber Hydrosol

Whole  cucumber/ cucumber water

The cooling and anti-inflammatory effect of cucumbers can reduce Swelling and puffiness. It is a mild astringent which may help to cleanse the skin and tighten pores. Cucumbers are high in antioxidant components which can be a helpful anti-wrinkle ingredient. Contains both vitamin C and folic acid to stimulate new cell growth, while folic acid aids in fighting off environmental toxins that can make your skin look tired or prematurely aged.

Fruit hydrosol

Reduces Swelling and puffiness


Anti Wrinkle

Stimulate new cell growth



Found in Coconut

Emollient and humectant in skin care, and boosting the anti-microbial performance of other ingredients to protect products from spoilage.

Emollient and Humectant

Frankincense Essential Oil

Resin of frankincense

strengthen skin and improve its tone, elasticity, and defence mechanisms against bacteria or blemishes. Anti-inflammatory and tissue remodelling properties

Essential oil

Improves skin tone




Flower Leaves

Antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiseptic properties make it beneficial for reducing acne breakouts, skin irritation, and skin infections

Essential oil


Reduces breakouts



Is the variant made from plant oils

Great for the skin as it acts as a humectant which is a substance that allows the skin to retain moisture. It can increase skin hydration, relieve dryness, and refresh the skin's surface. It's also an emollient, which means it can soften skin.



Helps skin retain moisture


Glyceryl Stearate

Derived from palm kernel, olives, or coconuts

Acts as a lubricant on the skin's surface. This gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance. It also slows the loss of water from the skin by forming a barrier on the skin's surface.

Slows water loss from skin

Hibiscus flower Extract

Hibiscus flower

 They are a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA’s). AHA’s can be useful as gentle exfoliators and to clear pores promoting fresher, smoother looking skin.


Flower extract


Gentle exfoliant


Hyaluronic Acid Solution (HA)

Bacterial fermentation of Corn, Wheat and Yeast Extract

Hyaluronic acid is well known for its skin benefits.Especially alleviating dry skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and speeding up wound healing.

Wound healing.

Helps with fine lines and wrinkles

Jojoba oil

Made from Jojoba kernel

Jojoba oil will mimic the sebum oils in your skin. This will help with acne prone skin as it makes the skin think it is producing enough oils. 



Oil balancing

Mimics your skins natural oil

Jojoba beads 

Spheres of solid wax made by hardening Jojoba oil

These are extremely gentle yet an effective exfoliator. They have a round shape which removes dead skin cells without the harshness of typical abrasives with sharp edges like nutshells or plastic beads. Jojoba beads are very mild and gentle on the skin, making them ideal for all skin types, including sensitive.


Oil based exfoliant

Very Gentle exfoliant

 Kaolin white clay

Kaolin Clay

Absorbs sebum and prevents pore clogging. It's used to draw out impurities and toxins from the pores. Clears the skin of excess oil, dirt, and pollution without causing any redness or irritation


Draw impurities and toxins out

Clears the skin of excess oil

Lavender Hydrosol

Lavender flower water

Antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. Lavender hydrosol will keep your face cleaner over the course of the day, and will also give it a fresher, youthful appearance. Lavender hydrosol is an excellent way to control the redness of pimples.

Flower hydrosol

Anti bacterial


Lemongrass  essential oil

Leaves of Lemongrass

Packed full of vitamins A and C which help to keep your skin looking beautifully glossy whilst balancing oil production. It has antiseptic and astringent properties which make it the perfect oil for getting even and glowing skin. It's very cleansing which makes it amazing to clean out pores. Lemongrass is also Anti- inflammatory it reduces redness from breakouts, rashes, dry skin or sun exposure


Essential oil

Balancing oil production


Even, glowing skin

Anti inflammatory

Reduces redness


Liquid Germall Plus

Produced by silkworm

Natural preservative system

Natural preservative 

Macadamia seed oil

 Kernel of the Macadamia Nut

Similar to your skin's natural sebum and hydrates without clogging pores. This anti-aging oil absorbs, deeply soothes, moisturizes, and helps to heal scars, sunburn, and any dry patches.

Kernel oil

Anti aging

Wound Healing


Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

Derived from a mix of many foods including yeast, green vegetables, beans, and cereal grains.


This will help build cells in the skin while also protecting them from environmental stresses, such as sunlight, pollution, and toxins. It will help treat acne. Niacinamide may be helpful for severe acne, especially inflammatory forms like papules and pustules. Over time, you'll see fewer lesions and improved skin texture.



Helps treat acne

Improves skin tone


Olive Squalene


Moisturizes and soothes dry, rough, and textured skin. Helps retain skin moisture by preventing excessive transepidermal water loss. Enhances skin's natural barrier against external irritants and pollutants. Helps restore the concentration of natural squalene to more youthful levels.


Olive Squalene

Helps retain moisture

Anti aging


Olive fruit oil

The whole, ripe fruit of the olive

High in Vitamin E, which we all know is fantastic for its anti-aging properties. It's high in oleic acid and is a good skin cell regenerator. It works to attract external moisture to the skin, while still permitting the skin to properly release sweat, shed dead skin and release sebum.

Fruit oil

Anti aging

Good cell regenerator


Purified water


Filtering water removes impurities and harsh minerals, making it gentler on your skin.

Filtered water

Pineapple Extract

 From the core and stem of the fruit of the pineapple

Contains Vitamin C, Antioxidants and an enzyme called Bromelain. Bromelain can help to exfoliate the skin as well as promoting a clear complexion.


Fruit extract


Help remove dead skin cells

Promotes clear complexion


Green tea


 Works as a stabilizer




 Rose Geranium

Leaves and stem

Is an astringent that tightens, brightens, and removes dead skin cells. It can also be used as a soothing and antimicrobial agent to help treat bacterial acne.

Essential oil

Brightens skin

Removes dead skin cells


Seed of rosehip

High levels of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a key nutrient for maintaining healthy skin and assisting skin cell renewal. Beta-carotene also helps to repair and protect the skin from various forms of sun damage. Has a rich source of vitamin A (retinol) and vitamin C.  Used regularly, Rosehip oil has a deeply nourishing effect on ageing and dehydrated skin. It's useful for dry, damaged and irritated skin and helps to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

Flower oil

Cell renewal

Repairs skin and protects. Vitamin A (retinol)


Even skin tone

Rosemary essential oil


The anti-inflammatory properties of rosemary extract help to reduce swelling and puffiness of the skin. It also helps to heal burns and soothe the skin.

Essential oil

Reduce swelling and puffiness.

Wound healer

Sunflower Seed Oil

Sunflower Seed

Great source of vitamin E, rich in nutrients and antioxidants, and is effective for combatting skincare issues like acne, inflammation, general redness and irritation of the skin. Sunflower oil has emollient properties that help the skin retain its moisture.


Seed oil


Anti inflammatory

Retains moisture

Sodium Hydroxide

 Derived from salt water 

Used in small amounts in cosmetics and skincare products to establish and hold the pH of a product.


Ph Balancer

Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate

Produced from glutamic acid protein in wheat ) and plant (coconut) fatty acids

Emulsifier and skin conditioning agent. It has cleansing properties which helps maintain good skin condition.



Cleaning properties

Tocopherol (vitamin E)

Vitamin found in many different plant oils

Absorbs UV rays and helps prevent UV-induced free radical damage to skin.

 Vitamin E

Witch Hazel Hydrosol

Witch hazel flower

Witch hazel has many benefits for skin, including relieving inflammation, tightening pores, and helping with razor bumps. It may also help reduce acne, since it can cleanse your skin of excess oil.

Flower Hydrosol

Anti inflammatory

Reduce acne


Ylang ylang Essential oil


Has Anti-bacterial properties which makes it a very effective skin cleanser. It also acts as a healing powerhouse, boosting the regenerative process of the skin. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil also works wonders to regulate your sebum oil production.


Essential oil

Anti bacterial


Boosts regenerative process in skin

Regulate oil production