Who are we?

Hello, I'm Jess, the proud founder of Extract Skincare. A bit about me: I was born and raised in the picturesque New Zealand, residing on the stunning Kapiti Coast. I am blessed with beautiful five-year-old twin boys and our family recently welcomed a  baby boy into our midst 5 months ago.

I am an internationally qualified beauty therapist with my International Diploma in Beauty and Spa Therapies with over 8 years of experience. I sought to deepen my knowledge by pursuing additional studies at Formula Botanical, specializing in natural skincare formulation. This endeavor expanded my dedication to the realms of beauty, health, and overall wellness. In my modest salon, I embarked to find an affordable, high-performing, wellness-centric, sustainable skincare range that would be truly transformative for both individuals and the planet. And thus, Extract was born.

My passion for skincare was ignited during my beauty therapist training, where I delved into the benefits of essential oils for both skin and overall well-being. Understanding that skincare extends beyond the surface, impacting every facet of our lives, I also explored the intricate chemistry behind skincare products, sparking my interest in formulation.

The inception of Extract Skincare began with crafting products for personal use. Upon discovering the perfect formulations, I shared them with friends and family. Their encouragement, constructive feedback, and a series of adjustments led to the creation of our exceptional blends.

Join us on a transformative skincare experience, where our mission is to encourage you to wholeheartedly embrace self-care. Our commitment extends beyond mere beauty routines; we invite you to cultivate a deep love for yourself and take pride in your unique essence. Let our products and expertise empower you to radiate confidence, as you embark on a journey towards not just beautiful skin, but a profound sense of self-love.